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The Irish Baptist Historical Society was established in 1968 to encourage the study of Irish Baptist History, to stimulate interest in wider church history, to facilitate the discussion of important theological issues and to assist in the preservation of important records relating to Irish Baptist Churches.

We are, in the words of J. D. Douglas, "the inheritors of a great legacy" and if we neglect church history we deprive ourselves of great benefit. The history of the church is not simply a record of men, movements and missions, it is the story of what God is doing on earth and as such provides us with an almost inexhaustible source of challenge, encouragement and inspiration. The study of the past helps us to understand the present, it helps us to appreciate our heritage and it provides us with invaluable insight into the will and ways of God.

Each year there are three or, on occasions, four meetings of the Historical Society which provide a varied programme of historical and theological topics aimed at providing information, insight and inspiration.

Membership of the Society including the journal is available for a small annual donation. Contact the secretary here for further information. It is also possible to purchase individual copies of the journal here.

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