I got to learn both the deep theological truths of God’s Word, and also the practical ways of applying these truths to everyday Christian life.

Josh Orr

College Fees

Fees Schedule (EU Students) 2022-2023

Costs per annum, unless indicated otherwise.

Preparation for Ministry - BD, BTh, (Chester) £5500

 Includes University Enrolment fee and College Diploma: Student Tuition Loan = £4630; Top up = £870

Graduate Diploma £3900 Including University Enrolment fee and College one year Certificate (Part-time is £1950)
Day Release £725  
Gap Year in Theology £1200  
Evening Class, LSF, WMC £280  
University of Chester - MA £650  For each 20 credit module (full programme is 180 credits)
Single Lecture £20  
Accommodation £1450

Term time only (24 Weeks). £1200 for double/twin.

Individual College Modules £200  


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